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Build a Successful Medical Practice with Physician Primary Care

Build My DPC provides all of the services required for proper physician primary care and to build and grow a successful medical practice. All at an affordable price!

Build a Successful Medical Practice as a Primary Care Doctor


Support for Every Physician Care Doctor

Build My DPC programs are designed to support and empower care workers in starting a medical practice of their own. Create a physician primary care profile online, advertise their services, and take advantage of our cash-based network.

Start a Medical Practice without Stress and Hassle

Establish a Low-stress Medical Practice and Operation without Hassle

From creating tax structures to setting up payments, starting a medical practice takes time, effort, and money. With Build My DPC, a physician care doctor only needs to focus on treating their patients, while we handle the legal, financial, and HR tasks at affordable rates depending on your needs.

Expand and Grow Your Patient Volume

Grow Your Patient List through Marketing Your Services Online

Build My DPC will market and advertise your medical practice online including your services and your professional profile. When a patient enters their postal code near your location, your medical practice will show up in the search results. Growing your doctor services online with us is simple!

Conveniently Manage Your Private Medical Practice

Personalize Services Based on Your Client’s Needs

You can personalize your physician primary care options with cash-based services depending on the situation of their patient. Build My DPC will not interfere with the procedures or services the patient will get. As the primary care doctor, you have full control over the patient’s care and procedures.

Start Up Plan

With the Start Up Plan, Build My DPC ensures patient growth to one half predetermined group size then monthly is reduced to ten percent (10%) of received monthly membership.

Start Up Plan

Let’s Work Together for a Successful Practice

When developing a physician primary care practice, time management, and proper task distribution are essential. By working with Build My DPC, you will get the help that you need, so you can focus on treating your patients. Contact us and let’s discuss how we can help you.

The Bridge Connecting Patients and Primary Care Doctor

About Us

Physician Primary Care Connections You Need to Grow Your Medical Practice

Our goal is to provide physician primary care with patients near their location, especially if you are starting a medical practice by yourself. Through Build My DPC, your professional profile, medical expertise, and services will be advertised online to help you grow your medical practice, improve your patient list, and offer excellent healthcare services.

For Medical Professional

You can build a profile, include your expertise, and promote your medical services.

For Patients

Finding a primary care doctor near your location is easier and quicker, ideal for emergencies.


All-In-One Platform for Physician Primary Care

Starting a medical practice can be time-consuming and stressful. But with the right partner like Build My DPC, it will be easier! We are a one-stop platform where you can find all the services you need for a successful practice.

Business Setup

Establish Your Medical Practice without Any Stress

Build My DPC provides all the services you will need to establish your medical practice more conveniently. These include

Patient List Growth

A Dedicated Team to Help You Grow Your Patient List

We have a team of experienced membership acquisition team dedicated to growing your patient list. At Build My DPC, your profile and medical services are shown to help you attract more patients. We will also ask for your patient’s feedback and let you know which areas you can improve.

Digital Marketing Management

Improve Your Online Presence and Promote Your Services

Here at Build My DPC, we have a team of professionals who will help you start and create your online presence and promote all the medical services you offer. They specialize in the following:

HR Management

Operate Your Medical Practice Effortlessly and Conveniently

Don’t worry about the logistics of physician primary care with Build My DPC, you can focus on treating your patient. While we have services to help you operate and manage your medical practice with ease. These services include:

Start Up Plan

Perfect Plan For Starting a Medical Practice

All the Services You Will Need for Starting a Medical Practice

Choose from Additional Doctor Services We Offer Online

Second Practitioner
Website Creation
Website Hosting
HR And Payroll 1-3 Persons
Accounting and Bookkeeping
Email Hosting and Storage
Quote Upon Request
Social Media Management
From $300/month

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